What changes may be the way filler metal is deposited into the joint. TIG employs a torch which has a bit of tungsten to create an arc.

The light also offers to shield gas flowing through it to safeguard the weld area from the air. Characteristics of tungsten allow arc temperatures to achieve greater than 10,000 levels F.

The way in which TIG works would be that the arc is produced along with filler metal is put into the joint.

Filler metals with this process are available in wire form and therefore are only cut to length. Probably the most generally used shielding gas is Argon, which is often used for welding greater than 90 % of metals.

TIG welding can be utilized for welding exotic metals or anywhere that needs top quality welds. This method is among the hardest kinds of welding to understand.

MIG welding, or MIG, is definitely an abbreviation for "Metal Inert Gas" that is more formally The word MIG originates from the first shielding gasses used which were the inert, or Nobel, gasses. 

Today the gasses used vary. Therefore the name has formally been altered to "Gas Metal Arc Welding." MIG welding may be the slang term that's generally recognized. It's also referred to as "Wire Wheel Welding.